Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor BFRO
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor has been a BFRO investigator for 6 years, and have investigated over 120 reports.He has been on expeditions in Washington, Oregon and Utah every year since 2006.

Scott Taylor grew up in northwest Oregon. He has hunted, fished, camped, and other activities his whole life. He graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology in 1983 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He worked in aerospace his whole career.

He had his first encounter with a bigfoot creature in October 2005. He went on a BFRO expedition the next year and shortly there-after became an investigator. He has investigated over 175 reports. He has been on numerous expeditions in Washington, Oregon, and Utah. During those expeditions, he has been fortunate enough to see five more sasquatches. He specializes in habituation research, and learning about their behavior and abilities.