Lenny Green

6:10 PM||10:00 PM - Friday,Saturday

Lenny Green


Former Nashville staff-songwriter Lenny Green, who wrote songs for many recording artists of the 70s and 80s, now writes and performs songs exclusively on the subject of the reclusive and mysterious creature known to most as “Bigfoot”. 

Lenny has performed at various Bigfoot conferences around the nation. Having had songs recorded by artists such as Moe Bandy, Pat Boone, The Texas Playboys, The Cascades, Judy Bailey (performed on the Academy Of Country Music Awards), Don Gibson, Floyd Cramer, Wynn Stewart, and many others, he has since written and recorded his second CD of songs and stories about this legendary creature from his home in northern CA. Lenny has performed many of these unique and captivating songs at various Bigfoot conferences around the nation, which can be previewed at Land Of The Bigfoot.com.



Some Songs By Lenny Green

  • Bigfoot
  • Valley Of The Skookum
  • Keeper Of The Mountain